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Help us Populate our Soil Testing Parameter Spreadsheet April 16, 2013

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As part of our #spaceapps challenge, we would like you to help us fill in our soil testing parameter spreadsheet, which is available as a google doc if you click here.

In the first column are different soil parameters that we have identified. Feel free to add more! Then for each parameter, add any tests that you know of (or can find through the internet) for any of the  parameters listed, the equipment needed and the method. These tests can be very simple and require nothing more than basic equipment readily available from a supermarket or DIY store, or you might envision a simple hardware solution, which can be one of the aspects of the challenge that you focus on. There are several columns to fill in for each parameter/test pair, which we hope are self-explanatory but leave a comment if this is not the case and we’ll explain in more detail. Don’t feel like you have to fill in every column. Just contribute what you can as we greatly appreciate your time and efforts!

The column at the end is entitled ‘Challenge’. This column is entirely open to interpretation, e.g. a simple challenge might be to build a sensor to measure soil moisture that would cost less than 20 Euros. Or you might think of a specfic challenge that you want to tackle for one of the parameters so please tell us about this in the doc.


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